Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just another manic Monday!

Hello all! I'm feeling decidedly spring-ish now that we've been blessed with a few days of lovely weather, and that means the urge to clean has become overwhelming. Not just cleaning, decorating! Of course these are two of the most ridiculus notions ever when you're packing in a 60 + hour week, but the wheels of change have already started turning! The kitchen is half painted!!! :) gone are the days of the daunting orange walls this is the time for the calming influence of magnolia! This has made me more happy than you can imagine..............really! Anyway this, my friends, has been the reason for my little absence on the blog scene and also come to think of it why my etsy shop is decidedly lacking in stock! (yikes)

Although things here have been very crazy just lately I've also had some time to spend with the gingerbread boy on a rare day out. We went to Scarborough last Thursday, possibly the worse day weather wise to go but who cares??

And what did we get up to I here you ask? Well we paid a visit to these guys:

At the sealife centre, fish happen to be one of my little person's most favourite animals! He was very happy that we saw nemo lots of times :)

Happy that the rays came to say hello to us (although he was also quite wary of them to be honest!)

And this guy was affectionately nicknamed 'Bowser' - for those of you who don't know who 'bowser' is, it's the bad guy from the Mario games who is some sort of tortoise-like creature.

All in all a lovely day in what has otherwise been a manic week!

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