Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hello my dears!
Hope you have all now fully recovered from a full week back at work again :)
Last post, I told you how well I was doing with my crochet blanket, well I thought you might like a little peek at how its looking so far

Nice and colourful and nearly halfway there!! I've got some more pics up over on flickr if you'd like to have a little look see. The only problem is now I'm thinking how many ends will have to be woven in? (groan)

Our Thursday jaunt this week ended up at the deep in hull, the little person and I like our fishes!

Where you can go and say hello to this guy, and a few of his other sharky friends. I forget what type of shark he was now, but he was BIG and thats all you need to know :) I wonder what he's thinking when hundreds of people are pressing their noses up to his tank everyday?! Lunch????

Anyway, back to crafty things now, remember how I told you that my etsy shop was looking a little bare to say the least? Well here's something I've got planned for it

Princess mini canvas bag.............still got a bit of work to do on it but its getting there :) I feel guilty that my obsession with crochet is taking over now and I've been neglecting other areas of my work. Normal service will be resumed soon (I hope).

Now hoping you all have a great weekend! x

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