Monday, 27 April 2009

A few of my favourite things.......

Sometimes, when I'm having a bit of a gloomy day (there's sooo much rain!) I like to buy myself a little pick-me-up! As you can see from the pics today's pick me up came in the form of lillies, tulips and freesia......mmmmmm lovely flowers, beautiful colours and I only wish you could smell them :)

This week I started some new crochet! I don't know why, but I think it was a combination of brightly coloured wool and this lady's blog which had something to do with it! Her blog happens to be one of my favourite reads, so I thought I would take advantage of one of her tutorials and came up with these:

She calls them her summer garden squares, because they look like little flowers in the middle. I just like them, they're super easy to make and once you've done a couple you'll be hard pressed to stop (I have nearly as many of these made than what I do my granny squares)
There's something quite theraputic about crochet, although I'm not crazy about chasing half rolled balls of wool around the house from where the little person has decided to play football with them (honestly, they he has so many toys to play with but he somehow always manages to 'play' with the most expensive/breakable/favourite things in the house). My family also most definately think I'm strange for having such a past time but they don't understand, they dont understand the sheer joy of creating something of your own, picking the colours, creating each square and then deciding which ones to put next to each other. I, on the other hand do not understand how they can sit and watch endless hours of sport on tv, and spend the rest of the night discussing the finer points of what they have just witnessed, no thanks, not for me, I will just curl up on the sofa and stick to my hooky goodness thank-you!

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