Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 27

Number of granny squares now finished: 29

Number of granny squares part finished:14

Yeah people........the blanket is well under way now :) am actually quite pleased with myself for sticking with something for a change (may be crochet's my thing).

Last week you may have remembered my urgent need to decorate, well granted the kitchen is still half painted (grrrrr darn these bank holidays!) but little man now has some nice rainbow pegs to hang up his masterpieces with. He was quite taken by the fact that mummy had put his first paintings up on the wall!

This is how our easter weekend was spent when not working or being poorly (the little man has had a chest infection) painting and eating chocolate, two of my favourite things. It was nice that the paint managed to stay on the paper this time and not mummy's walls/doors/tv/exercise bike. I was also proud of myself for the way that I took a total back seat whilst he was painting and didn't have a panic attack when water was liberally being slopped on the paper, or when the brush had been dipped into many colours without being washed, resulting in a brown splodgey mess, no I was happy to sit and watch my little man being happier than happy with the paints. He also managed not to freak out when he got paint over his hands (he has a severe problem with messy hands) So all in all it was a productive weekend for us both!

Last week our thursday outing was spent at twycross zoo. I was very impressed! Zoo's seem to have come a long way nowadays. Three cheers for the breeding programmes they support to make sure that the animals are around when Little man is not so little anymore albeit not in their natural habitats. Those of you here in the uk who haven't been I can heartily recommend it for a good family day out...................even if its just to see the elephants and the owls (yes! my two favourites!!!!)

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