Monday, 27 April 2009

A few of my favourite things.......

Sometimes, when I'm having a bit of a gloomy day (there's sooo much rain!) I like to buy myself a little pick-me-up! As you can see from the pics today's pick me up came in the form of lillies, tulips and freesia......mmmmmm lovely flowers, beautiful colours and I only wish you could smell them :)

This week I started some new crochet! I don't know why, but I think it was a combination of brightly coloured wool and this lady's blog which had something to do with it! Her blog happens to be one of my favourite reads, so I thought I would take advantage of one of her tutorials and came up with these:

She calls them her summer garden squares, because they look like little flowers in the middle. I just like them, they're super easy to make and once you've done a couple you'll be hard pressed to stop (I have nearly as many of these made than what I do my granny squares)
There's something quite theraputic about crochet, although I'm not crazy about chasing half rolled balls of wool around the house from where the little person has decided to play football with them (honestly, they he has so many toys to play with but he somehow always manages to 'play' with the most expensive/breakable/favourite things in the house). My family also most definately think I'm strange for having such a past time but they don't understand, they dont understand the sheer joy of creating something of your own, picking the colours, creating each square and then deciding which ones to put next to each other. I, on the other hand do not understand how they can sit and watch endless hours of sport on tv, and spend the rest of the night discussing the finer points of what they have just witnessed, no thanks, not for me, I will just curl up on the sofa and stick to my hooky goodness thank-you!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hello my dears!
Hope you have all now fully recovered from a full week back at work again :)
Last post, I told you how well I was doing with my crochet blanket, well I thought you might like a little peek at how its looking so far

Nice and colourful and nearly halfway there!! I've got some more pics up over on flickr if you'd like to have a little look see. The only problem is now I'm thinking how many ends will have to be woven in? (groan)

Our Thursday jaunt this week ended up at the deep in hull, the little person and I like our fishes!

Where you can go and say hello to this guy, and a few of his other sharky friends. I forget what type of shark he was now, but he was BIG and thats all you need to know :) I wonder what he's thinking when hundreds of people are pressing their noses up to his tank everyday?! Lunch????

Anyway, back to crafty things now, remember how I told you that my etsy shop was looking a little bare to say the least? Well here's something I've got planned for it

Princess mini canvas bag.............still got a bit of work to do on it but its getting there :) I feel guilty that my obsession with crochet is taking over now and I've been neglecting other areas of my work. Normal service will be resumed soon (I hope).

Now hoping you all have a great weekend! x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 27

Number of granny squares now finished: 29

Number of granny squares part finished:14

Yeah people........the blanket is well under way now :) am actually quite pleased with myself for sticking with something for a change (may be crochet's my thing).

Last week you may have remembered my urgent need to decorate, well granted the kitchen is still half painted (grrrrr darn these bank holidays!) but little man now has some nice rainbow pegs to hang up his masterpieces with. He was quite taken by the fact that mummy had put his first paintings up on the wall!

This is how our easter weekend was spent when not working or being poorly (the little man has had a chest infection) painting and eating chocolate, two of my favourite things. It was nice that the paint managed to stay on the paper this time and not mummy's walls/doors/tv/exercise bike. I was also proud of myself for the way that I took a total back seat whilst he was painting and didn't have a panic attack when water was liberally being slopped on the paper, or when the brush had been dipped into many colours without being washed, resulting in a brown splodgey mess, no I was happy to sit and watch my little man being happier than happy with the paints. He also managed not to freak out when he got paint over his hands (he has a severe problem with messy hands) So all in all it was a productive weekend for us both!

Last week our thursday outing was spent at twycross zoo. I was very impressed! Zoo's seem to have come a long way nowadays. Three cheers for the breeding programmes they support to make sure that the animals are around when Little man is not so little anymore albeit not in their natural habitats. Those of you here in the uk who haven't been I can heartily recommend it for a good family day out...................even if its just to see the elephants and the owls (yes! my two favourites!!!!)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just another manic Monday!

Hello all! I'm feeling decidedly spring-ish now that we've been blessed with a few days of lovely weather, and that means the urge to clean has become overwhelming. Not just cleaning, decorating! Of course these are two of the most ridiculus notions ever when you're packing in a 60 + hour week, but the wheels of change have already started turning! The kitchen is half painted!!! :) gone are the days of the daunting orange walls this is the time for the calming influence of magnolia! This has made me more happy than you can imagine..............really! Anyway this, my friends, has been the reason for my little absence on the blog scene and also come to think of it why my etsy shop is decidedly lacking in stock! (yikes)

Although things here have been very crazy just lately I've also had some time to spend with the gingerbread boy on a rare day out. We went to Scarborough last Thursday, possibly the worse day weather wise to go but who cares??

And what did we get up to I here you ask? Well we paid a visit to these guys:

At the sealife centre, fish happen to be one of my little person's most favourite animals! He was very happy that we saw nemo lots of times :)

Happy that the rays came to say hello to us (although he was also quite wary of them to be honest!)

And this guy was affectionately nicknamed 'Bowser' - for those of you who don't know who 'bowser' is, it's the bad guy from the Mario games who is some sort of tortoise-like creature.

All in all a lovely day in what has otherwise been a manic week!