Friday, 13 March 2009

What Happens when..............

...........You take one plain white pillowcase, some red felt and a sprinkling of imagination?


That's right...........

you get prince charming!!!!!! ( a very partied out prince charming here!)

Here it is laid out on the couch (and yes, those really are my minging feet in the bottom of the picture *cringe*) Basically I used a t-shirt as a guide to work out how big the opening for the arms and neck should be, trimmed the pillowcase down a bit so it was tunicky size and sewed the bottom. I also added a little bias binding to the neck opening to disguise the raw edge around the neck (it was a bit tricky so I hand sewed this part as i'm not too great on the machine) Then cut your red felt into little squares and sew along the bottom and around the arm openings, this will make it look pretty and authentic ;)

I also transferred an image of an heraldic lion onto some red felt and hand sewed this onto the front of my tunic........remember to flip the image in reverse if you are going to do this :)

Put on a smallish person and add a red belt, and there you have it, prince charming on a budget! Perfect, if you are going to a princess birthday party.

optional extras include:

a nice red cloak to keep you warm whilst riding your trusty steed!

And a sparkly gold crown with lots of lovely jewels to make sure everyone knows how important and wealthy you are

Once you have arrived at the party, there is just enough time to grab a cheese sandwhich before declaring your undying love for the birthday princess and living happily ever after!


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