Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Grandma we love you!

Or maybe that should be grannie we love you! This week has been filled with lots of hooky goodness and the creation of these:

I haven't picked up my crochet hook for such a long time now, I can't believe it! So I'm taking the first tentative steps towards making a grannie square blanket. At first I thought I must have forgotten how to do it but, just like riding a bike it all came flooding back to me and now I just can't seem to stop.

No Particular colour theme, just what I had in my stash cupboard and what ever colour my fingers picked out first :)

I remember with great fondness my own grandmother having a grannie square blanket which was always draped on the back of "grandma's chair" oh how we loved that chair with its blanket! So, in a way I feel a bit of a connection with my grandmother whilest churning these lovelies out. I cant wait to snuggle up with this one and am thrilled with the anticipation of what its going to look like when its finished. It's like I'm falling in love with crafting all over again and now want to fill every room in my house with some sort of hooky goodness just to confirm my love :)

Thankfully, blogland and flickr are full of crochet eye candy so there will always be lots of inspiration to hand. I think I'm probably gonna need to make about 80 squares in total and so far i've got er, nine down!


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