Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Bad Smell Days...........

You know how some times you make yourself something to eat or drink and it looks really, really scrummy but then you find you just can't bring yourself to go near it becaues of the smell? Well, that's me today..........I seem to have this problem alot, normally it will be a glass or a cup that I just can't bear to bring anywhere near my lips because it smells of ................WET DOG! you know what I mean! Well, today the offending item was my lunch :(

I've been trying to loose weight, well really since the ginger bread boy was born nearly three years ago but for the past couple of weeks I thought instead of going on some crazy diet I would try and eat steam fresh food not the crap I would normally shove in the oven! Todays lunch was a goodie (or so I thought) steam fresh sweet chillie chicken with egg noodles........mmmmmmmmm.......It even smelt good in the microwave, right up until the last four minutes of cooking time, something HAPPENED that was not good for the senses. Eurghhh! It smelt ghastly, I tried I really did but I just couldnt eat that, no way.

Just in case your wondering, no I dont normally decorate my plate with paper butterflies when I'm eating! These were some lovelies me and the gingerbread boy made this morning..........I'm feeling all spring like and butterflies seemed like a very spring thing to make

I think they need to be hung from string somewhere around the house when there are enough of them, not too sure where yet! They are made from some old pages of magazines that we cut through, 3 year olds love to cut, and so do mummies if we're honest ;)

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