Sunday, 1 February 2009

There's always a first............

Yep, and for me this week that has been my first sale from my etsy shop! woohoo! The item in question was a lovely japanese baby quilts book, which I purchased in the hope of becoming an expert in making quilts............not so! first off, I don't think my cutting will EVER be neat enough to make any quilt look less than wonky and secondly, and maybe I'm missing out on something BIG here but, I just havent been able to find anywhere that sells really nice fabrics of the quilty sort. So I thought I would sell the book and move on, my brief flirtation with quilting being just that. You never know, one day the love might be rekindled ;)

This week there's not been much going on in terms of posting, more in terms of inspiration and scribbling ideas down, I've had a really cute idea for another "purse" and also some ideas that would make lovely jewellery. If they work out, then you can be sure I will post the ideas asap..........if not, then er, I will deny all knowledge and destroy all evidence! lol. You may also notice this week that there maybe be a few changes in the appearence of my shop in the form of a fancy pants new shop banner to make it look all pretty and nice!

Hope your week brings you a first!
ttfn xxx

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Hens Teeth said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I can't tell you how flattered I was by what you had written...thank you.
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