Thursday, 26 February 2009

Taste the rainbow............

So, you all know how we've been a tad unwell at home? What better way than to cheer yourself up with some rainbow cakey goodness! The idea was originally nabbed from this blog.

To make your rainbow cakes you will need some cake mix (I used 3 boxes) or if your the bakerly type you could probably make yours from scratch! Once your mixture has been made you will then need to divvy up the cake mix into 6 bowls - roughly the same amount in each ;)

Then, you will need to mix your colours, I used red, blue and yellow food colouring and just experimented until I was happy with the colours that I got........obviously as my cakes were going to be based on the rainbow, it was sensible to choose the colours of the rainbow but I guess you can make any colours you like :)

mmmmmmm, Orange!

Then you just spoon you mixture into your cake cases, my method was the very scientific 'blob' method whereby I just dipped my spoon in and scooped out whatever was on the spoon..........I'm sure there must be some sort of general rule about the exact amount but who cares??? You might like to try different colour combinations (a blob of red, then green, then blue then yellow looked really cool!) when you have finished spooning your cake mix into the cases you can pop your cakes into the oven and because they're only little they take about 12-15mins til there done! Just enough time to do your washing up!

Alternatively you can watch your cakes baking in the oven whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

Once cooked and cooled, it is advisable that you eat lots of rainbow cakes, purely to admire the different colour combinations you have created (of course!) :D

Guarenteed to make you and your little ones feel a lot less sick and a bit more smiley!

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