Thursday, 26 February 2009

Taste the rainbow............

So, you all know how we've been a tad unwell at home? What better way than to cheer yourself up with some rainbow cakey goodness! The idea was originally nabbed from this blog.

To make your rainbow cakes you will need some cake mix (I used 3 boxes) or if your the bakerly type you could probably make yours from scratch! Once your mixture has been made you will then need to divvy up the cake mix into 6 bowls - roughly the same amount in each ;)

Then, you will need to mix your colours, I used red, blue and yellow food colouring and just experimented until I was happy with the colours that I got........obviously as my cakes were going to be based on the rainbow, it was sensible to choose the colours of the rainbow but I guess you can make any colours you like :)

mmmmmmm, Orange!

Then you just spoon you mixture into your cake cases, my method was the very scientific 'blob' method whereby I just dipped my spoon in and scooped out whatever was on the spoon..........I'm sure there must be some sort of general rule about the exact amount but who cares??? You might like to try different colour combinations (a blob of red, then green, then blue then yellow looked really cool!) when you have finished spooning your cake mix into the cases you can pop your cakes into the oven and because they're only little they take about 12-15mins til there done! Just enough time to do your washing up!

Alternatively you can watch your cakes baking in the oven whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

Once cooked and cooled, it is advisable that you eat lots of rainbow cakes, purely to admire the different colour combinations you have created (of course!) :D

Guarenteed to make you and your little ones feel a lot less sick and a bit more smiley!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sick Days

Here at frog prince hq we have all been struck down by some deadly sort of virus (ok, well its not deadly but still ..........) and have been forced to retreat to the bedroom for a week or so. Now I'm fairly ok now just suffering from mild hot flushes and wierd sicky feelings. The ginger bread boy has fared far worse however and just when we were getting ahead with the potty training he's had a bout of the runs big style! Which is still ongoing as of this week so I dont think we wil be using the potty any time soon!

Anyho, I've still managed to get some crafty bits done and they are awaiting photo's so hopefully normal service will be resumed!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Its been one of THOSE weeks............

where lady luck just hasn't been my friend or companion. I've had several projects in the pipeline but not one of them has turned out they way I would've liked!

This was a prototype for a badge project I was embarking on, little fairie girls and boys, the finished badges were going to feature special papers maybe even a bit of needlework incorporated into the design but unfortunately my badge machine does not appear to have been up to the challenge and can barely make any sort of badge which comprises of a layered surface let alone one which happens to have stitchery on it too. Such a shame cos I like the idea of using lots of faries ;) Lets hope next week might be a bit more positive!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

V is for............

Valentine! yes, I know some people think Valentines day is horribly over commercialised etc, etc, but I couldn't help but feature it on my Saturday shopping now could I?!

First up, is this lovely pendant:

By etsy seller shellamie I love the pink stone and the garnet, I think they work really well together. I liked this piece because I thought it would appeal to modern and vintage lovers alike. Shellamie also has 20% off this item so you'd best hopfoot it over to her shop right now!!

Next up we have this postcard from sarahjanestudios

The sentiment is just sooooooooo sweet! It very much reminded me of when I was a little girl! :) the postcard is 4.25"x5" and is blank on the back for you to write your own personalised message. It also comes with a deep red envelope!

Finally, make your lips kissably soft with this lip love lip balm by sweetbcosmetics

Shea butter moisturiser for lips, which comes in 10 lush flavours. I loved the packaging for this brand too!

So, happy valentines shopping everyone and hopefully I'll be back soon to show you some of the things I've been quietly working on ;)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

There's always a first............

Yep, and for me this week that has been my first sale from my etsy shop! woohoo! The item in question was a lovely japanese baby quilts book, which I purchased in the hope of becoming an expert in making quilts............not so! first off, I don't think my cutting will EVER be neat enough to make any quilt look less than wonky and secondly, and maybe I'm missing out on something BIG here but, I just havent been able to find anywhere that sells really nice fabrics of the quilty sort. So I thought I would sell the book and move on, my brief flirtation with quilting being just that. You never know, one day the love might be rekindled ;)

This week there's not been much going on in terms of posting, more in terms of inspiration and scribbling ideas down, I've had a really cute idea for another "purse" and also some ideas that would make lovely jewellery. If they work out, then you can be sure I will post the ideas asap..........if not, then er, I will deny all knowledge and destroy all evidence! lol. You may also notice this week that there maybe be a few changes in the appearence of my shop in the form of a fancy pants new shop banner to make it look all pretty and nice!

Hope your week brings you a first!
ttfn xxx