Saturday, 17 January 2009

Vive le france!

Today was going to be all about the Saturday shopping on etsy, that is until I discovered this lady's blog! Found via you-tube funnily enough and if you click on the link and watch the video you will see why I adore it so! So, I thought I would cross the waters today and see what other goodies france has to offer (and boy are they good!)

First in the offering we have this AMAZING site. Origami Jewellery, need I say more?

here are just a couple of my faves:

This lovely stag............wouldn't it look cool around your neck? and highly original, I've never seen jewellery like this before!

If thats not enough to make you dribble then i'm pretty sure the bunny earrings will. The next two sites wouldn't let me get any pics so you will just have to trust me on their amazingness (honestly after origami jewellery would I lie to you?)

check out the collection I especially liked the bird wall stickers (found in the childrens section) although I'm pretty mean and I have to say I think they're wasted on children! ;)

Next up is toubab this one's got some really nice brooches and other pieces of jewellery.

So, go and check them out, but be warned...........leave your purse/cards/husands card wayyyyyyyy out of reach!

Oh, I almost forgot, I've recently updated my etsy shop with a couple of japanese craft books if anyones intrested just click the link at the top of this page!

have a good weekend guys xx

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday shopping!

As it's Saturday, I'm continuing with my Saturday shopping list theme now that the busy Christmas time has settled down. Here's what goodies I have picked out for you this week:

1) This beautiful handstitched etching of a sleeping Polar bear

found in etsy sellers shop benconservato. I love the way the handstitching brings this etching to life and I love the colour palette the artist has chosen, It really echoes the cold and crispness of the polar regions. The image measures 17x27 cms and has been produced on cotton based, acid free etching papers.

2)Although this one might cost a few pennies it immediately appealed to my inner fairy/ballerina side being both magical and breathtaking! Very fittingly entitled, Puck delivers a soliloquy...............I NEED this!

You can find this piece of loveliness in etsy seller eclettica's shop, who's whole shop, after further investigation oozes beautiful things! Hmmmmmmmm is it too early to be ear marking valentines gifts?

3) Finally, this cute cushion would look lovely in any childrens room (or, ahem children of the slightly older variety) ;)

By etsy sellar lilypadworkshop who is still waiting for her very first sale, which I think wont be too much longer judging by this cushions, there just too darn cute! Measuring 14x14 inches and made from wool felt and synthetic wool fabric.

Now as its the weekend and I'm ginger bread boy free (hurrah for grandparents) I'm going to indulge in a spot of house cleaning before work! - and who says I don't know how to live.

byes xx

Friday, 9 January 2009

New toys

I just got one of these! A sort of belated Christmas present to myself:

Its to help me with some new painting projects. Its actually a pretty niffty projector but of course you can only use it in the dark. Intrestingly enough projectors have been used as a painting aid since the renaissance, the camera obscura dating back to the 1500s. Most artists use the projector to reproduce their art onto a grander scale, or to help with finer details such as faces.

My only problem now will be what to paint! So I think I will be spending the rest of the afternoon trawling the net looking for suitable projects and Inspiration!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Mine was brilliant, full of family friends and good times. Of course there hasn't been alot of time for crafting of late but I thought I'd share a few christmas pics with you instead.

A happy boy enjoying his Christmas dinner!

Lots of nicely wrapped presents!

I wonder who those were for?..........................................................