Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Library reads

As christmas seems to be drawing closer I don't seem to be getting much time for crafting at all, I mean its always a struggle to fit it in anyway as my job takes up wayyyy to much of my time ;op today for instance I have a long afternoon break, usually this is filled with trips to the craft shops or making its been filled with trips to the shop to buy tacky tin foil decorations for the pub............I know what your thinking here yuk! and why doesn't she make them herself? well dear reader, whilst the thought of immersing myself in craft projects is enough to send shivers down my spine, unfortunately the drunken louts who frequent the pub would probably destroy them long before christmas (I just couldn't face the heart break!) so i've had to console my self with this instead:

Gleefully plucked from the shelf of my local library on monday........i reckon there must be one or two crafty types working there because as library books go this is COOL. hopefully I will get to spend some time actually making the projects yay!

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