Saturday, 13 December 2008

Bad gal!

I can't believe a whole week has passed me by and I've made no attempt at blogging any of the things I've been up to bad, bad girl! Sorry folks!

Anyway as it's Saturday, I've compiled another shopping list:

1) Vintage butterfly journal by etsy seller my kind of beautiful and even has a little barrette fastened to the ribbon which you can take off and wear if you like, I thought that was a very nice touch! It features ruled paper inside for you to write your daily musings down (how fab would that look to whip out your handbag whilst sipping a cup of tea!)

2)Row of tulips original painting by etsy seller artrussell I absolutely adore this painting!! $30 for an original watercolour is an absolute steal and there are lots of other goodies to check out in this etsy store too!

3) These powder blue dragon fly earrings from notionsbynicole are not only beautiful but very original and would look stunning for the office party over the christmas period.

they are adorned with dainty czech crystals and the vintage ear wires also give them that little bit extra!

I'm sure you will agree that these finds are fab. As I'm writing this my 2 year old boy is drawing monster picture and then I'm supervising some scissor action to make 'monster teeth' around the edges! this is great fun both for the both of us him because he gets to do something usually he is not allowed touch and I get to watch the really cute faces he pulls whilst concerntrating on his snippy!!!

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