Saturday, 22 November 2008

Today it's been freeezing! So I've been putting the finishing touches to this little guy

Another cute little felt purse, this time its a bit more festive as its a penguin but its a bit of cute overload! :)

I've just added him to my etsy shop along with my panda purse today so if your interested then get yourself over there sharpish :)

Hoping you all have a good weekend, I'm enjoying a rare evening off work and without the gingerbread boy so I'm not quite sure what to do with myself yet. I'm also hoping that its going to snow a bit tonight and tomorrow, there's something so magical about snow it makes you feel all christmasy and childish (well it does me anyway) I love being all cosy inside the house with a cup of tea watching it fall past the window. Have a lovely weekend xx

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Today is a day to remember and be thankful to all those brave souls who have laid down their lives, and who continue to do so for the benefit of our country. It amazes me that nearly 100 years after the outbreak of the first world war there are still people out there with the same sense of courage and duty that was shown back then and my thoughts are with all those who have lost family members both past and present through conflict and also with those whose fathers, mothers, sons or daughters may still be involved in such causes.
My thoughts are with you all xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2008

This week's

WIP has been this cute little panda purse............

Made from felt (and with some very wonky stitching) and lined inside with this cute little heart fabric

A cute little place for you to stash your credit cards and/or small change......or if your lucky a bit of both :)

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Just been hoovering around all my favourite craft blogs for the past half an hour (which on a rainy day is my favourite thing to do, coffee in hand) and have decided I'm a 'thinker' not a 'doer'. Time and again I drool over everyone elses beautiful creations but when it comes to my own stuff I can never do the things that I really want. I wonder why? hmmmph!

Other hot news this weekend, my dog decided to steal pizza off the kitchen side yesterday and has consequently spent the morning being sick........BAD DOG! It must've looked good :)

ttfn peeps x