Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Domestic Goddess, me?

Today feels a bit triumphant all round...........I think I think I have finally unleashed my inner domestic goddess! Before the gingerbread boy, I used to take great pride in the 'spotless' state of my humble abode, nowadays working more that 60 hours a week, and picking up after 2 year olds has seen a HUGE decline in that part of my housekeeping abilities. You must understand, it's not that I don't try, most days you can't even tell I've done any cleaning (I'm sure some of you have been there). Today though, I seem to have gone into to 'monica' mode for want of a better term. Not only did I pull out all the stops in my pub cleaning this morning, I have also been baking, yep, baking!

The first time I made bread was last year for Halloween, then it was made with pumpkin seed goodness. This time it's not so exotic, just a pain old batch of white bread. I had forgotten how much of a stress buster it can be with all that kneading ;-)

Anyway, even now as I sit typing this, my lovely bread goodness sits baking in the oven..........I wonder how it will turn out!

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