Monday, 20 October 2008

Black and Gold

As it's coming up to my mother's birthday at the end of the month I thought I would take the opportunity to show you her birthday card that I have been working on. It's made with Laura Ashley papers for the background and the two bird images are from crafty individuals (I've had them a while and have been waiting for the right opportunity to break them out) My mum's a huge fan of the 'rusty' colours (something which has become a bit of a joke between us). I'm quite pleased with the result as it's been something of a trial in the making, I lost my eyelet setter and after searching round the house frantically and snapping everyone's head off I finally admitted defeat and treated myself to a nice new one instead :)

I dabbled with some new products as you can see from this close up of the stamp image......I used Perfect pearls patina set to dust over the image, then I tried to give it a more aged look by using some crakle glaze.......I don't really think it looks particularly 'aged' but I like the effect!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Domestic Goddess, me?

Today feels a bit triumphant all round...........I think I think I have finally unleashed my inner domestic goddess! Before the gingerbread boy, I used to take great pride in the 'spotless' state of my humble abode, nowadays working more that 60 hours a week, and picking up after 2 year olds has seen a HUGE decline in that part of my housekeeping abilities. You must understand, it's not that I don't try, most days you can't even tell I've done any cleaning (I'm sure some of you have been there). Today though, I seem to have gone into to 'monica' mode for want of a better term. Not only did I pull out all the stops in my pub cleaning this morning, I have also been baking, yep, baking!

The first time I made bread was last year for Halloween, then it was made with pumpkin seed goodness. This time it's not so exotic, just a pain old batch of white bread. I had forgotten how much of a stress buster it can be with all that kneading ;-)

Anyway, even now as I sit typing this, my lovely bread goodness sits baking in the oven..........I wonder how it will turn out!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Monkey Business

I think I have just purchased the best bargin I've had in a LONG time today! :-)

I've been wanting to join on the badge making band wagon for a long time now, but a) have never had the money and b) wouldn't know where to get any supplies or anything. So imagine my surprise, whilst browsing through my local Toys R Us store (Christmas scouting trip) I came across a "super badge it" machine - yay for kiddies toys! Meaning that I didn't have to spend hundreds of pounds, I could satisfy my badge making urge on the cheap! They also sell "refill" packs (just in case you need to go badge crazy!) The Monkey badge in the picture was my first attempt and I think it turned out pretty cute, now my only problem is finding some software to make these kawaii-alike graphics for my badges...........I've no idea where one goes for these kind of things. My experience of crafting seems to have consisted of my 'stumbling' upon different kinds of products and techniques, I guess thats why I tend to go long periods without crafting and of course I don't really get alot of time to indulge in my hobbies working in a pub environment its very demanding on your time.

You may also have noticed my pictures are starting to improve just lately, I'm starting to reignite my love of photography and taking my time over the pictures........