Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New Stamps

It seems the gaps between my posts are getting longer and longer these days! I hope you will forgive me :-)

I was excited to receive this in the post the other day as I had been eagerly anticipating its arrival, I knew it would contain lots of cute designs:

It is a book of carving stamps from erasers, there's lots of cute designs in this one and ideas on how to make use of the stamps. This is fast becoming one of my favourite hobbies and I'm always on the look out for cute little designs that would make good stamps. I ordered my copy of this book from etsy - try pomador's craft cafe she has lots of japanese craft books in her shop and she's a fab sellar who keeps in touch and sends your stuff virtually straight away which is a bonus. You may remember a while back I carved this one

Its the biggest stamp I carved yet...........although the edges were a bit rough, I thought it turned out quite good on the whole. I enlarged the original image so it was a little easier to carve, I'm not that good at carving really intricate details just yet, I'm going to try and get hold of some ink for fabrics as I think this would make a cute purse or bag design.

From my new book so far I've made

A little matryoska doll, I tried a new technique for this one as there was a bit of fiddly little bits to carve I used a craft knife instead of my linocut tools. I dont really like this way of doing it and I wasn't that impressed with the results to be honest, she turned out quite fuzzy in the end. These are my usual tools

The little grey 'petri' dish was er, 'borrowed' from one of the ginger bread boys toy kits, I dont think he minds though. It does make the perfect dish for collecting the discarded bits of rubber and keeps your desk a whole lot tidier :-)

Friday, 5 September 2008

lollipoppet castle and a magical sort of day!

I've had lots of fun this week visiting here with my little one! The above picture is my favourite part of the park 'lollipoppet castle' how amazing it would be to live here! Of course you would probably need a good dentist. For those of you who have never been sundown adventure land is a kind of theme park for small children. It has different 'lands' such as toyland, shotgun city etc which each contain little houses with lots of slides and climby things for your kids to play with, sand pits and adventure playgrounds galore. I must admit that I thought the ginger bread boy was probably a bit too small for this place but I certainly had a good time!

We even found a special frog prince house, which I was absolutely delighted with!