Saturday, 28 June 2008

Oak Goblinweb

I discovered a lovely site today which will generate a fairy name for you! How delightful. You will notice that my fairy name and a description of my fairy I have now proudly displayed on this blog (hey what girl doesn't want to be a fairy?) and from the description I imagined that my fairy would look something like this:

which is actually a rather lovely picture of ophelia by arthur hughes! I also think that this will mean some fairy inspiration added to my craft work in the form of glittery sparkly loveliness no doubt. Lets just wait and see ;o)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Back at last!

Well, it's nice to say that I am finally back! but where have you been? I hear you ask.......I wish I could say i'd had a spurt of crafting activity and had a whole host of crafting loviliness to proudly show off, alas this is NOT the case. I have been involved in a car accident ( a couple of weeks back now) and have been feeling the effects of the whiplash most keenly. I'm still hurting, I start physio tomorrow which i'm not looking forward to that much. Anyway, before some stupid idiot managed to drive into my car at a roundabout, I managed to make this (which I'm quite proud of):

Its all hand stitched with red cotton on linen. I thought it turned out quite cute, although it took a long time and a lot of patience. I don't want to give it away to anybody though now ha ha!

here is a close up on the stitching:

It's the smallest stitching I've ever done!

Well once again it's lovely to be back in the swing of things and hopefully will be well enough to make things as soon as!