Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Last week was my son's birthday, and much to my (and his!) delight my mother agreed to host a tea party at her house. This was mainly because I live away from my relatives and it was easier for them to convene at her house than it would have been to mine, also she has a rather large garden, I on the other hand do not so the children were quite happy to spend the afternoon bouncing on the trampoline and hiding in the tent.

To say thank-you for all the lovely cards and gifts that my son received and also for attending his birthday, I have decided to make a few cards to send out to people. I used to do this quite often as a hobby but small children and card making supplies dont seem to get along together quite as you'd like!

Anyway, here's a litlle preview of one of the designs I was thinking about:

I still think it needs something else though...........maybe a touch of glitter. If you would like to make one yourself, I used a cream card, then roughly tore tweed backing paper and stuck on the left hand side. I made the butterfly myself using heritage papers and layering the pieces (2 sets of wings and 1 body)together, they are held in place and affixed to the card using a brad. Next I used some eyelash type wool and just wrapped it underneath the butterfly's body leaving the ends dangly. At the bottom I affixed a pieces of orange ribbon along the width of the card and then stamped a tag with the words "thanks a lot" and put another brad in the hole in the top. I then fixed it to the ribbon with a 3d foam pad just to give the card a bit of dimension. You can also rub a little ink over the edges of the card to add a distressed look, I also did this on the raw paper edge that I tore and on the piece of cream card that was showing. It just muted the colours a little which was perfect for the vintage look that I was trying to acheive.

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