Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Last week was my son's birthday, and much to my (and his!) delight my mother agreed to host a tea party at her house. This was mainly because I live away from my relatives and it was easier for them to convene at her house than it would have been to mine, also she has a rather large garden, I on the other hand do not so the children were quite happy to spend the afternoon bouncing on the trampoline and hiding in the tent.

To say thank-you for all the lovely cards and gifts that my son received and also for attending his birthday, I have decided to make a few cards to send out to people. I used to do this quite often as a hobby but small children and card making supplies dont seem to get along together quite as you'd like!

Anyway, here's a litlle preview of one of the designs I was thinking about:

I still think it needs something else though...........maybe a touch of glitter. If you would like to make one yourself, I used a cream card, then roughly tore tweed backing paper and stuck on the left hand side. I made the butterfly myself using heritage papers and layering the pieces (2 sets of wings and 1 body)together, they are held in place and affixed to the card using a brad. Next I used some eyelash type wool and just wrapped it underneath the butterfly's body leaving the ends dangly. At the bottom I affixed a pieces of orange ribbon along the width of the card and then stamped a tag with the words "thanks a lot" and put another brad in the hole in the top. I then fixed it to the ribbon with a 3d foam pad just to give the card a bit of dimension. You can also rub a little ink over the edges of the card to add a distressed look, I also did this on the raw paper edge that I tore and on the piece of cream card that was showing. It just muted the colours a little which was perfect for the vintage look that I was trying to acheive.

Saturday, 17 May 2008


I just finished making some of these sweet little crochet baskets, or whatever you would like to call them!

They make nice little storage pots for buttons, or cotton reels, or they look really pretty just sat on the shelf! I just used some odd balls of acrylic yarn and some trimming oddments that I had lying about the craft room.

A nice thing to make whilst pretending to the other half that your much too busy to do any housework!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

holiday fun

I've just been on a relaxing weeks break, hence the lack of posts lately! I went to shropshire and had a lovely time, I think I must have been English Heritage's best friend whilst down there! It's been a lovely break but i'm keen to get back on track with my crafting and blog too. Here's a couple of snaps of some of the amazing architecture out there:

Stokesay Castle

And yes, it was as beautiful as it looks in the picture!

Croft Castle