Monday, 14 April 2008

stamping fun

Today I've been having fun carving some stamps from this book:

I'm not really great shakes at it but it's incredibly fun! Its very relaxing too in a wierd crafty sort of way, there's just something about the way the rubber just coils away....

anyway, here's a sneaky peak of someone I carved earlier although she's not quite finished yet

There are lots of great tutorials on carving your own stamps floating around on the internet, if you'd like to have a go yourself. I used a speed ball stamp carving kit to make mine although you could probably get away with just using a craft knife. If you type 'speedball' stamp carving into your internet search engine it will bring up a few websites that sell the same or similar products............
The book I used for the image is a japanese stamp carving book, isbn 9784529043397. I got mine from amazon jp, there are some different ones on there too that might be worth looking at. I've also got a spare copy of this book at home so if you really get stuck leave a message as I would consider selling/swapping it.
As with most crafts I think the mantra with this one is definately practice makes perfect! Its best to start with a simple image and then progress to something bigger like the mermaid stamp, as it can be quite fiddly. For more inspiration check out the handcarved stamps pools on flickr there are some very awesome ones on their!
I like to use my stamps to make lables for my other crafts which I sell, I think it adds a nice personal touch to your work!

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